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"Music is the universal language of mankind.” 
(Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

As a performer I am always seeking for the personal authenticity in music.

I always ask myself: What is the composer's intention in this particular piece? How did the music sound when the piece was performed? And what do I want to deliver to my audience?

While studying and performing Early Music (music of past centuries which we have no direct link to) I have been always drawn into the ideas of Historically Informed Performance. However, during my study and research, I realised that there is much more in music than the choice of the instrument or the sound image of the piece...

"Music is speech" claims Nicolaus Harnoncourt in his book with a similar title. In the chapter about use of period instruments he proposes: "By now it has become clear that music can be produced just as well on old instruments as on others, so the key question is simply why a musician favours one type of sound over another." And later he concludes: "Original sound interests me only to the extent that it is best-suited of all available means for rendering a given piece of music today."

When we consider music as a speech, we always need to ask ourselves what we want to deliver to our audience and how are we going to transmit that. This is for me the art of interpretation. 

The sound of the instrument and the sound image of the piece have been always important elements of music. However, in my research, I am trying to point out that it is only one parameter among others, that music speaks even more through articulation, declamation, phrasing, dynamics and colour changes or added ornamentation (the element of the performer and of the present time). As a consequence of these thoughts, I am trying to explore to what extent can the experience of playing on a period instrument influence the interpretation on the modern instrument.

Recently, I presented a project in which I was performing a concert program first on the period instruments and later on the modern instruments. If interested, please check and enjoy the videos from both concerts seen in the section below.

Performance on period instruments, given on the 15th May 2022

Performance on modern instruments, given on the 31st July 2022

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